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Birmingham Types of Limos Available

There are all types of limos available in Birmingham today. With the growing demand for these luxury cars, it would be surprising if the variety was limited. Availing the limos in different types helps cover the needs of most customers, and suite most occasions. Listing down all the types of limos available would result in a rather long list, but here is an insight into the available types.

First there are the limousines, which, with their stretch factors, give room for more passengers than the conventional car. One of the best known is the Baby Bentley. It has an aura of sophistication around it, and is perfect for any glorious occasion. It comes in a shade of silver or vanilla, depending on your preference. The hummers fall in this class as well. This particular limo is famous for the statement it makes, and the abundant room it offers. The finishing on the interior is too good for words. The shades availed are of white, silver and pink, again depending on your preference.

There is a party bus, which as one can imagine, is suited to celebratory occasions. If there is a party involved, the bus has got you covered. If you are more of the reserved kind, there is the Bentley Arnage and Rolls Royce Phantom to meet your needs. These limos offer lesser room, but maximize on the class. Other limos include the vintage collection, the Lincoln Millennium, Chrysler 300C, and Mercedes S Class among many others. Basically, whatever type of limo you dream about, you are bound to find it.


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