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Party Bus Birmingham: A Ride You Will Never Forget

If there’s one vehicle that you can hire which will provide you with a truly memorable evening then it’s the Party Bus Birmingham. Perfect for group nights out, the Party Bus is designed to ensure that you all have the perfect night. You don’t even have to leave the bus if you don’t want to. There is plenty to keep you entertained throughout the evening!

The Features of the Party Bus Birmingham

Party Bus Birmingham

The party bus can seat up to 16 passengers. That is more than your standard limo. It features a massive sound system complete with 3 sub woofers. This will really help you to get into the clubbing spirit. There’s a dance pole in case you feel like dancing the night away and there is also a personalised message screen.

The side and rear walls of the bus have sound activated LED lighting. The ceiling also has colour changing lights, as does the floor. The Party Bus Birmingham really will give you something to talk about for months on end.

It will be more expensive than standard limo hire. This is because it has been designed for large groups. When there is a large group of you using the bus the cost can be split down quite a lot. Contact us now to see what fantastic deals we have available on this fantastic Party Bus.     

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